The Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol. 1

Stan Lee

The Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol. 1

The Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol. 1

  • Title: The Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol. 1
  • Author: Stan Lee
  • ISBN: 1302913271
  • Page: 416
  • Format: reli

Fantastic Four Jun , Watch videoFour of them become the superhero team, the Fantastic Four, while Doom becomes their new enemy The Fantastic Four is far from fantastic but it does make for decent entertainment The movie is very light hearted and it isn t complex Fantastic Four Fantastic Four Aug , Watch videoFANTASTIC FOUR, a contemporary re imagining of Marvel s original and longest running superhero team, centers on four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways. The Fantastic Four unreleased film The Return of the Fantastic Four The New York Times Mar , Welcome back, Fantastic Four A video on Thursday about some of Marvel Entertainment s upcoming comics included a silhouetted image of the Fantastic Four, signaling their return to a monthly series beginning in August The series will Fantastic Four Teams Groups Marvel The Fantastic Four Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Susan Storm, and her brother, Johnny Storm, were forever changed during an experimental space flight that exposed them to cosmic rays, which gave them super human powers and abilities.

They were visionaries Explorers Imaginauts They were Stan Lee and Jack Kirby And like the Fantastic Four, they continually strove to overcome the impossible and achieve the extraordinary Now, the first three years of their landmark run are collected in one oversized volume This keepsake edition also includes all original letters pages and pinups, critical commentaries, a historical overview, and other DVD style extras COLLECTING FANTASTIC FOUR 1961 1 30, FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL 1963 1

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la série qui a permis à Marvel de depasser DC comics au debut des annees 60. Tout y est: des scenarios excellents et des dessins corrects pour l'epoque. Stan Lee et Jack Kirby au top de leurs annees creatives. Ca commence comme challengers of the unknow dans l'espace et ça devient une famille de superheros avec tous leurs problemes. Achete en 2006, la qualite du papier de cet omnibus est excellente.

I won't bore you with how the Fantastic Four comic was perceived as being different from the contemporaneous fare offered by other comic books, or how the characters acted with the pretense of adult sensibilities, or how the creators eschewed the usual superhero tropes like secret identities, or how they shunned the usual collegial admiration between the good guys and added conflict and bickering or how they rejected setting the stories in amalgam's of New York City and the like and simply had t [...]

I started collecting FF maybe 4 years ago. I started with the Byrne era because I heard great things about what he did to the characters and they were fairly priced. I just started to add the Lee/Kirby era to my collection, the earliest being #40 since it's tough to find a good price on anything prior. I'm quite ecstatic that Marvel decided to produce this omnibus since collecting issues 1-30 and annual 1 would cost thousands in decent condition.However, the one thing I miss from this collection [...]

It was a gamble: Four super-powered people who didn't have secret identities, didn't wear costumes (at first) and bickered with each other just as much as they fought super-villains. Heck, they didn't even consider themselves heroes! They were explorers, their leader a scientific genius whose thirst for knowledge always led them to new worlds and planes of existence. Created by a writer who had grown disillusioned with the comics industry and was about to quit, they were a last-ditch effort to c [...]

After reading  I became really interested in reading Silver Age Marvel comics. Wright stressed the significance of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's early 60s work, explaining their creation modern comics through their innovative story telling and "realistic" characters. So with his glowing review in mind I purchased the Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol. 1.And I am so glad I did. Besides its beautiful quality (the leather exterior, glossy pages, etc.) The stories are amazing, and the absolute starting place [...]

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