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I Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat chronicles another segment of the multifarious adventures of this wild child and his faithful, but skeptical, friend If the best cartoons compel readers to identify themselves within the funny frames, then all who enjoy Calvin and Hobbes are creative, imaginative, and bad, bad, bad Calvin, the irascible little boy with the stuffed tiger who comes to life are a pair bound for trouble Boring school lessons become occasions for death defying alien air battles, speeding snow sled descents elicit philosophical discussions on the meaning of life, and Hobbes natural inclination to pounce on his little friend wreaks havoc on Calvins sense of security Calvins the kid we all wish wed been Sassy, imaginative, far verbal than his parents can manage, Calvin is the quintessential bad boy and the boy we love to see He terrorizes little Susie, offers Candid Opinions from a neighborhood stand, and questions his parents authority What assurance do I have that your parenting isnt screwing me up he demands Calvin and Hobbes manages to say what needs to be said about childhood and life Eww, mud, says Calvin Look at this gooshy, dirty, slimy, thick, wet mud Bleecch Talk about a kid magnet


si on aime les petites saynètes de Bill WATTERSON, on est toujours aussi ravis de les découvrir, même si on ne maîtrise pas l"américain", ce qui est mon cas.

une bonne édition pour tous les amoureux de calvin et de son tigre. la couleur apporte un plus sans être trop présente.

La suite des aventures de Calvin & Hobbes, toujours aussi drôle.Un humour fin et intelligent délivré par un garçon de 6 ans et un tigre (en peluche).

I caught several Calvin and Hobbes books "Daily Deals" the other day and I'm so glad I splurged and got them for myself. I laughed more reading this book than I've laughed in a long, long time. I love how it's easy to zoom in and out as needed, and slide the panels along. I thank the publisher for formatting that way from the bottom of my warm little heart, I bought myself a comic from one of the big names in publishing and couldn't do that with their book. :( My vision isn't perfect, so being a [...]

"Calvin and Hobbes" are the best. I bought the complete set, which includes every strip. They are as follows, "The Days are Just Packed," "There's Treasure Everywhere," "Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat," "Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons," "It's a Magical World," and "The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes." If you're a fan, this is the only way to go.

Calvin & Hobbes is a classic cartoon series!! We are gaining quite a collection. One of my boys is especially an enthusiast! Watterson takes the selfish mind of a little boy, and opens up to us the private philosophizing that goes on in his selfish little head. He has conversations with his stuffed tiger, who often tries to balance out the lad. We laugh because we understand how the little guy feels, his thought processes because of the universal selfish nature of man!! The parents oft step in a [...]

I remember reading this comic strip from time to time. It came in my grandparents' paper, so I got to read it when I happened to be at their house. I remember liking it, but I didn't really retain any specifics from it regarding why. A couple years ago I watched a documentary and it stirred my interest, particularly the artist's refusal to license it (for movies, toys, etc.).Today it was on sale as an e-book, so I bought 3 books. I wanted to satisfy my curiosity, and so I read one—and wow! I g [...]

More great humor from Bill Watterson about a boy and his tiger Ever the cynic, Calvin gives us running commentary on every aspect of his life, while Hobbes balances Calvin's wild imagination with a strong dose of reality. If you're looking for a comic strip that tells it like it is from the point-of-view of a mischievous six-year-old boy (who is clearly an "old soul"), this is your book.

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