Mathematical Theory of Black Holes Ismp 69

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar

Mathematical Theory of Black Holes Ismp 69

Mathematical Theory of Black Holes Ismp 69

  • Title: Mathematical Theory of Black Holes Ismp 69
  • Author: Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
  • ISBN: 0195081471
  • Page: 408
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Part of the reissued Oxford Classic Texts in the Physical Sciences series, this book was first published in 1983, and has swiftly become one of the great modern classics of relativity theory It represents a personal testament to the work of the author, who spent several years writing and working out the entire subject matter.The theory of black holes is the most simple and beautiful consequence of Einstein s relativity theory At the time of writing there was no physical evidence for the existence of these objects, therefore all that Professor Chandrasekhar used for their construction were modern mathematical concepts of space and time Since that time a growing body of evidence has pointed to the truth of Professor Chandrasekhar s findings, and the wisdom contained in this book has become fully evident.

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Pour celui qui n'a pas peur des mathématiques : tous les calculs sont faits de A à Z un ouvrage de référence pour l'astrophysicien.

Chandrasekhar begins this work ex initio, which is Latin for, from the beginning. It is assumed however you have some working knowledge of Differential geometry and relativity. Nevertheless, he is set out to derive the theory from the ground-up. For those looking on how relationships occur with these equations rather than being forced to solve exercises to dig out the meaning assumed in the problem, this is an Oasis where the author is not afraid to tell you what can be done. Now this is a compe [...]

For anybody who is studying general relativity at a graduate level or higher, this is a fantastic book. Explains very clearly the mathematics behind the theory and its prediction of the very exotic black holes.

Excellent monograph - it must be read book by allresearchers working on physics of black holes.

The author largely uses the tetrad or vierbein approach in general relativity so familiarity with the basic theory is assumed (Weinberg's text is a good introduction here) as is knowledge of differential forms. As other reviewers have noted the presentation is mathematically deep and rigorous, not a casual dabbling. This text contains the only mathematically rigorous derivation of the Kerr metric. Until Chandrasekhar's work this was assumed via intuitive or plausibility arguments. Even derivatio [...]

A classic in the field (not an easy reading)

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